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Redpoint Sandstorm - oil on canvas by Julie Arbuckle

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Craft Fairs and Demonstrations

Redpoint Sandstorm - oil on canvas by Julie Arbuckle

Redpoint Sandstorm – oil on canvas by Julie Arbuckle 2014

This month is proving to be welcomingly busy! on the 17th of November I was invited to lead a “Study Evening” at the Bearsden and Milngavie Association for the Decorative and Fine Arts Society. The group were most welcoming and I had an excellent stage to lead the painting demonstration from. After an introduction, I talked the group through the reasons why I paint particular scenes and described the selective process involved. From the genesis of an idea to the completion of a painting, I managed to *almost* finish an oil on canvas within the allotted two hours. Another few hours of tightening things up in the studio and the piece is finished! It’s of the beach at Redpoint in Wester Ross, on the day the tail end of Hurricane Gonzales blew in : the wind whipping up the sand was so strong I couldn’t look out to sea to paint. So the view is of looking inland, back to the gale, almost able to lean back on the powerful gusts. I took the video to try to capture some of the intensity of the wind: still pictures don’t convey just how hard it was to stand upright!

It’s a good thing I enjoy art demonstrations as I’ve been kindly invited to Linn Art Group in Muirend this week. The subject will be slightly less dramatic (weather wise) but more dramatic (landscape wise)! I’m keeping things under my hat until the demonstration is over but will no doubt be updating my Facebook Page with the result.

On Sunday 7th December 2014 I will have a stall at the Glasgow Crafter’s Art & Fair at Cottiers in the west end of Glasgow. Selling a selection of small original works and cards and prints, it would be great if anyone is in the vicinity – pop by and say hello! I’d love to see you 🙂 Just in time to buy special gifts for Christmas, too…. 😉

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Craft Fair at Glasgow Grosvenor Hilton Sun 23rd Nov 2014


I’ll have a table at this: selling watercolours, drawings and prints. Prices for all pockets 🙂 Some discounted oils too: pick up a bargain! (Ppsssttt…. Art makes great gifts!)

See event on Facebook


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Studio update : October 2014

I know it’s November 😉

News from the studio:

Work in the studio has been dominated by a large commission painting – 80cm x 170cm. It’s so large it has to stay on my easel until completion as there’s nowhere safe to hang it. It’s a 10 year anniversary celebration for a lovely young couple in Edinburgh who have asked that I paint a favourite scene of theirs, looking out across the Firth of Forth and Cramond Island. After lots of consultations I’m really getting to grips with sharing their vision now. I’ve also been recording the painting in a time-lapse video, but I won’t post that until the painting is complete. The great thing about oil paintings is that I can always change things if they aren’t quite to a client’s liking. If you would like to discuss getting a commissioned landscape painted, please do get in touch, if even just to ask about pricing, etc on julie.arbuckle@gmail.com

It's only just begun....

It’s only just begun….

I also had a visit from a lovely lady who found me through Facebook and had bought one of my watercolours. She loved seeing where I work and it reminded me that I don’t get nearly enough people visiting me at the studio! It is a very rustic place, and not really comfortable (well, I have a stool you could perch on) and it can be very cold, but it’s raw and it’s totally unpretentious : it’s my work space. Again, if you would like to visit, you can always get in touch.

And in other studio news: two birds on separate occasions have popped in this last week: a great tit and a robin. I’d like to think they were there to critique my latest practice, but I have a feeling they were searching for new nest sites. I’m relived really that they eventually found their way out (especially the robin, as he left a “critique” of his own on one of my paintings. No, I’m not saying which one!) Baby wipes have removed the offending remark.

Plans for November include completing the Big One, as I’m calling this commission, plus finishing lots of smaller oils which need to go to galleries for Christmas. When it’s too cold to work long in the studio (in spite of wearing my Hot Water Vest ™) I’ll be doing smaller watercolours at home, which will be put on my website in time for Christmas (shhh!).

Also, I have dates booked for a couple of painting demos (Bearsden and Milngavie NADFAS on the 17th Nov and Linn Painting Group on the 27th Nov) which I’m really looking forward to – see you there if you have a ticket!


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Woodland, Wildness and Wind



I’m currently staying with a friend on the North West coast of Scotland, near Gairloch. Fully invigorated by the landscape and weather (as I always am), I started today raring to go, full of curiosity to explore an area I’d only fleetingly visited in the past.

The first sketching spot, shown to me by my generous host (who has also fulfilled her role as Official Photographer) was an ancient oak woodland by Sheildaig, resplendent in yellow and gold and green of autumn.

The weather turned (there’s a storm a-comin’!) so back for hot soup it was. The afternoon was blustery yet dry, so I took a wander along the beach. Too windy for sketchbooks, I snapped away with my camera and heading back to the shelter of a cozy kitchen and wood-burner, where I worked in watercolour and ink the coastal scenes fresh in my memory.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring… I have visions of lashing myself to a big rock on the beach, with sketch pad weighted down, going all Turner amidst the spray and the wind. Or I might just go to the shops.


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Framed Watercolours

I’ve framed up a couple of watercolours of west coast Scottish scenes and put them on my website.

original artwork by Julie Arbuckle

From the Cobbler to Arran at Dusk

The first is a view of Ben Lomond from across the loch on the cycle path in early spring. The other is a view south west to Arran from the shoulders of Beinn Narnain, by the Cobbler in the Arrochar Alps, at dusk. When I sketched this one I was about 2,500ft up the side of a mountain, having pitched my tent at the bealach at 2000ft. All the other walkers had left the hills and I had it to myself (as far as I could seem anyway!). It was quite cold that night, below freezing – but well worth it to watch the sunset and the sunrise in solitude.

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Edinburgh Prints

To celebrate my solo show at Circus Café, Edinburgh; which was on during the festival; I commissioned myself to do a series of mixed media artworks of my favourite Edinburgh viewpoints. As a landscape artist interested in rock formations there really was one subject I was keen to explore – Edinburgh’s volcanic foundations. As a result, all four images feature rocky outcrops – three are of Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park and the other of Edinburgh Castle perched atop Castle Rock from Johnstone Terrace.

The original drawings were sold within a week of the exhibition opening, but I have produced affordable A4 prints of the works for those who are interested, or would like a memento of Edinburgh.

Priced at just £8 each and with FREE SHIPPING for a limited time, these high quality prints are fade-proof and will fit into a standard A4 picture frame.

See juliearbuckle.co.uk for high-res pictures and more details.


Farmyard studies


Farm Cat chasing leaves

I’ve listed a couple more of my farm inspired drawings – this time a gorgeous Clydesdale Horse (she’s called Mairi and is gentle but cheeky!) and a farm cat chasing leaves (goes by the name of “Sooty” – and is actually black, but I decided on making her a tad more colourful here). I was going to draw the cat catching and playing with a mouse (she is a farm cat, after all and I have seen her catch a fair few!) but decided leaves were more family friendly. And less gruesome.

Below are details of the drawings – head on over to juliearbuckle.co.uk to see them full screen!

clydesdale mare II detail

Mairi the Clydesdale mare – posing as usual!

Both of these animals are at The National Museum of Rural Life’s historic working farm at Wester Kittochside, East Kilbride, Glasgow – as are many of the farm animals I have drawn. The farm is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and has wonderful Georgian buildings; all presented as they were in the 1950’s. It’s like stepping back in time to visit there.